Tuesday, May 7, 2013


by RJ Palacio

August Pullman was always homeschooled until Auggie and his parents talk about it and decide he will go to public school for fifth grade. This is a scary decision because Auggie is different from other kids - the bottom of his face is pushed up and in, and his eyes are down lower - but his face is not deformed (calling someone's face "deformed" is not kind). Auggie is only different on the outside. On the inside he is just a regular kid that likes regular things such as reading comics and Star Wars.

The principal at the school is named Mr. Tushman (ha ha -  get it, "tush"?). He asks three kids to be nice to August - Jack, Julian, and Charlotte. The story is told from a lot of different people's perspectives (those three and other friends, his sister Via, and Auggie himself).

Auggie experiences some hurtful and sad times, but also some really great times. If you get sad really easy, you should not read this book--it's a tear jerker. If you are a dog lover, you might not want to read it; however, I am sensitive and a dog lover, and I still LOVED this book.

(those are the "someone hit the lottery" bells)

I read a lot of books and I don't give many of them 5 worms (a lot of times I don't bother to review the ones that aren't that worthy of worms), but this book gets 5 worms, double thumbs up, 10 stars, and whatever else I can give it. It's a must read (but again, it is sad, so read with caution).

To learn more about this book and to watch a cool book trailer, visit the author's site here.

Rating:  5 out of 5 worms

Interest Level:  5 - 7

Reading Level: 5.0
Pages:  330