Monday, November 5, 2012

The Wolves in the Walls

By Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by Dave McKean

Lucy lives in a nice house, but one day she hears a scratching and clawing noise and nobody believes her when she tells them that it’s a bunch of wolves living in the walls! She tries to warn everybody, but everybody just says " if the wolves come out it’s all over." Lucy doesn’t understand what that means. That is (gulp) until the wolves come out!

I picked this book because I was browsing the shelves at the town library and this cover looked interesting. When I read it I thought it sounded exciting, and the pictures reminded me of Coraline. It is written and illustrated by the same people as Coraline (which I also borrowed while I was there, and will review tomorrow. I didn't even know it was a book! Did you?).

You will like this book if you like stories that are a little spooky and weird. It is a quick and easy book to read.

To learn more about this book, you can visit the author's website at

Rating: 4 out of 5 worms

Pages: 56
Interest Level: Grades 3 to 5
Reading Level: 4.5

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  1. Great job with the reviews, Kate! Tomorrow, I'm going to do a post about your blog on the Nesmith Library's blog, Kurious Kitty's Kurio Kabinet. Look for it after 9:00 AM. Keep up the good work!